Author Bonnie Tinsley Unveils “Against Every Hope: India, Mother Teresa, and a Baby Girl”

Stirring Memoir Follows a Midwest Couple’s Quest to Adopt a Baby Girl from Mother Teresa’s Orphanage in Darjeeling During the Turbulent Reign of Indira Gandhi

WordCrafts Press and author Bonnie Tinsley are pleased to announce the release of her engaging new memoir, Against Every Hope: India, Mother Teresa, and a Baby Girl. The poignant memoir released to retail on Wednesday, April 30, 2018 in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats, and made an immediate impact on multiple sales charts. The hardback edition jumped onto the online retailer’s Top 10 Hot New Releases in Historical India & Southeast Asia Biographies chart, debuting at Number 7. The paperback and hardback editions debuted at Number 12 and Number 15, respectively on’s Hot New Releases in India History, and at Number 13 and Number 14 in Adoption. Against Every Hope also landed at Number 71 on the retailer’s Bestseller chart in India and Southeast Asia Biographies.

When Bonnie first laid eyes on a tiny baby girl tucked away in a darkened corner of an orphanage in Darjeeling high in the Indian Himalayas, it was love at first sight. But Americans adopting a baby girl in India from a Missionaries of Charity orphanage was unheard of at that time. The order was not considering Americans for adoption, the couple were not Catholic, and Bonnie had been previously married. Although they already had three strikes against them, Bonnie and Cliff refused to be counted out. They would struggle against every hope, even carrying their appeal to Mother Teresa herself, to bring that baby girl home as their daughter.

“This mystical journey of a mother finding—and fighting for—her daughter offers so much more than hope,” declares award-winning playwright, author, and screenwriter Jennifer Gibbs. “Its every turn constructs a convincing argument for a guiding hand. Her rocky path during the final years of Indira Gandhi’s regime; meeting and wrestling with Mother Teresa… I couldn’t put it down. I felt I was sitting by a fire, captive to the truth of a tale told by a born storyteller.”

A beautifully crafted true story that reads like the very best contemporary fiction, Against Every Hope: India, Mother Teresa, and a Baby Girl includes multiple historical photographs from Bonnie’s personal collection, and interludes with Bonnie’s heartfelt poetry and more. Against Every Hope released April 130 2018 from WordCrafts Press in hardback for $32.99, in trade paperback for $15.99 and in all major eBook versions for $5.99, and is distributed to the trade by Ingram Content Group.





About the Author

Bonnie Tinsley is the author of four books on Singapore’s national botanical gardens and the recently-released memoir Against Every Hope: India, Mother Teresa, and a Baby Girl. Published by WordCrafts Press, it is the miracle-packed story of how Bonnie and husband Cliff Richeson fell in love with a baby girl at Shanta Bhavan, Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Darjeeling and all the mountains they had to climb to have their daughter before they reached Mother’s loving embrace. The poignant memoir released to retail on April 30, 2018 in hardback, trade paperback, and all major ebook formats made an immediate impact on multiple sales charts.



Tinsley has published three books on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanic Gardens: Singapore Green, A History and Guide to the Botanic Gardens (Times Books International, 1983); Visions of Delight, The Singapore Botanic Gardens Through the Ages (Singapore Botanic Gardens,1989); and Gardens of Perpetual Summer (National Parks Board, 2009). In November 2011, she was invited to present a paper at the 20th World Orchid Conference held in Singapore. The paper was entitled “The Naming of Orchids: A Latin Lesson” and was published in the Conference Proceedings.

Her most recent Gardens book is The World in a Garden: Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay (Marshall Cavendish, 2016), a beautifully illustrated picture book celebrating Singapore’s award-winning botanical and architectural wonder located near the South China Sea.

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Tinsley holds a bachelor’s degree from The College of William and Mary, as well as a master’s from Eastern Kentucky University. She has taught Latin on both the high school and college levels since 2000. She was named Tennessee’s Distinguished Latin Teacher of the Year 2008 by the Tennessee Classical Association. She is presently Adjunct Professor of Latin at Middle Tennessee State University,  Department of Foreign Languages and Literature in Murfreesboro.

Prior to teaching, Tinsley worked as a professional writer in Southeast Asia, including a stint as a feature writer for The Straits Times, Singapore. In the 1990’s she served as Assistant Director for Public Affairs for the National Parks of Singapore.

Bonnie Tinsley resides in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband. She may be reached at

The book cover is used by permission of the publisher Marshall Cavendish.